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Church in Infrared

How to get started in Infrared Photography

How to Get Started in Infrared Photography What exactly is infrared light? Infrared Photography is in a different realm than color photography. The images often seem otherworldly or like images from a dream. In a sense, they are exactly that. Our human eyes lack the ability to detect infrared light but that does not mean it doesn’t exist. Fortunately, our cameras are not subject to the same restrictions our human eyes are. With an infrared filter or a modified camera, […]

Red Mountain Lake, Elkhorn Mountains, Eastern Oregon

July Calendar Photos – Eastern Oregon Landscapes

July Calendar Photos – Eastern Oregon Landscapes I have chosen two of my favorite Eastern Oregon landscapes as the July Calendar Images. Red Mountain Lake is the featured image. We hiked in for the day on the 4th of July in 2018. It was a beautiful day, the weather was perfect, not too hot, not too cold. My husband, Dan, took his fishing pole and I took my camera gear, (of course!). Since it was only a day trip, we […]

Forest Road 66 is a beautiful wildflower drive in the spring.

June Calendar Photos – Wildflower Explosion!

June Calendar Photos – Wildflower Explosion! The year, 2018, was an abundant wildflower year here in Eastern Oregon. Weather conditions provided plenty of water and sunny weather to create a wildflower explosion. I’ve never seen the corn lily’s bloom so vigorously as they were here. Forest Service Road 66 is one of my favorite summer wildflower drives. Some years are better than others and the timing of the wildflowers varies from year to year but this drive never disappoints. A […]

North Powder River in Baker Valley Oregon

May Calendar Photo – Springtime at Last

May Calendar Photos – Spring at Last! This shot, Baker Valley along the North Powder River, is the May Calendar Photo. I have always admired this beautiful little bend in the river. Springtime in Eastern Oregon is one of the most beautiful times of the year. The cattle certainly seem to enjoy the plentiful grass and the warm spring days after the winter finally eases its grip. The inset photo was taken in Union County between Imbler and Elgin. It […]

Gold Butte National Monument Sign

Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada

Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada   Come along with me on a photographic journey through this beautiful desert in Southern Nevada. We will explore the desert landscapes, wildflowers and animals that I encountered on my recent trip. I’ve just returned from a wonderful vacation to Gold Butte National Monument in Nevada. It is a beautiful park minus the hordes of people that ruin the nature experience in a lot of other parks. Most of you have probably not heard […]