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June Calendar Photos – Wildflower Explosion!

Forest Road 66 is a beautiful wildflower drive in the spring.

June Calendar Photos – Wildflower Explosion!

The year, 2018, was an abundant wildflower year here in Eastern Oregon. Weather conditions provided plenty of water and sunny weather to create a wildflower explosion. I’ve never seen the corn lily’s bloom so vigorously as they were here. Forest Service Road 66 is one of my favorite summer wildflower drives. Some years are better than others and the timing of the wildflowers varies from year to year but this drive never disappoints.

Cherry Orchard in Union County, Oregon

A beautiful cherry orchard in full bloom in Union County. Mt. Harris and Mt. Emily stands by in the background.

A Union County cherry orchard in full bloom is the focus of this sweeping landscape photo with Mt. Harris and Mt. Emily standing by in the background. I was saddened to see that this orchard is no longer in production this year. I am thankful that I was able to photograph it when I did. It’s a good reminder to appreciate and photograph things when you see them as you never know when they won’t be there anymore.

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