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Lori Rowland

Lori Rowland

Lori is a Landscape & Nature Photographer located in the Pacific Northwest.

About Oregon Exposures

Oregon Exposures is all about sharing the love of the great outdoors and the joy of nature photography, pure & simple! My name is Lori Rowland and I’m a landscape photographer lucky enough to be living in Eastern Oregon. Through my galleries, tutorials, and blogs, I will share with you stories and photographs taken on my travels from around the state.

I believe Mother Nature and landscape photography go hand in hand, each experience greatly enhancing the other. Therefore, I always keep my camera close at hand when I am out hiking. What I love about photography is that it makes it easy for me to bring home a little piece of my outdoor experience and share it with people like you.

I enjoy traveling in our RV with my husband, Dan, and black lab, Ruby. I guess you can say that they are my support team. 🙂 One of our favorite things to do is travel in our RV.  You could call our traveling style, roaming aimlessly. We make no reservations and pick our routes to take all the scenic highways we can find, even though it often adds miles to our trip. Traveling at this slow pace is how I discover some of my most beautiful and unique images.

In addition to traveling in the RV, I enjoy backpacking, hiking & skiing. I am fortunate to have two mountain ranges not far from where I live, each packed with hiking trails just waiting to be explored. Neither my camera or I am never disappointed by the views we find at the end of those dusty trails.

In conclusion, I want to invite you to join me on my photographic journeys as I explore the beautiful landscapes in the remote corners of Oregon & the Pacific Northwest.

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