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Magic of Christmas Morn

The Magic of Christmas Morn Panorama features rare full moon on Christmas morning, 2015, sets over Baker City & The Elkhorn Mountains in Eastern Oregon.

Early Christmas morning, 2015, the full moon sets over Baker City, Oregon. It is rare for the full moon to occur right on Christmas. The last full moon on Christmas occurred in 1977 and will not occur again until 2034. If all the conditions came together perfectly, I knew this would be a rare opportunity to capture such an image.

I love to photograph moonsets & follow the moon cycles throughout the year. This particular moonset had the potential to be one of the most spectacular of all. Unfortunately, the weather was predicted to be cloudy at sunrise but I knew if I wanted even a chance, I had to go, no matter what the weather report said.

So, early on Christmas morning, I made coffee and went to my spot on the hill overlooking Baker City. The scene before me was absolutely breath-taking! Every element came together magically, the warm glow of city lights, fresh snow,  ground fog rolling in and around the buildings, & last but not least, the beautiful moonset, just hanging over the Elkhorn Mountains. How could I title this image anything but, The Magic of Christmas Morn?

In September 2016, this image was selected as a finalist in The Weather Channel’s It’s Amazing Out There photo contest out of 66,000 entries. How will I ever top that! 🙂

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