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Eastern Oregon Fiery Sunset

Eastern Oregon Firey Sunset

Eastern Oregon Fiery Sunset

Sometimes an image is just meant to be… I was simply at the right place at the right time with my camera gear. It’s mid-July and we had gone camping up on the rims of the Hells Canyon in between Oregon and Idaho. The camping trip was just for fun, it was not intended to be one of my photo adventures. Of course I took my camera just in case I saw something interesting. We left town after work on a Friday arriving to our camping destination in the early evening. We had a spot in mind where we have camped many times before but this time, we spotted a new spur road we had not seen before. So we thought, what the heck… Let’s see where it goes. We found a perfect camping spot with a spectacular view of the Hells Canyon.

It was a perfect summer evening… the air was warm and there was no wind at all which is rare on the edge of canyons. As we were setting up camp, I noticed the changes in the sky to the west. There were a few clouds on the western horizon that were beginning to catch highlights from the setting sun. I quickly grabbed my camera and captured a few shots. My first shots were wide angle, including some blooming corn lilies. Only a few moments later, during a burst of vibrant orange color, I took this shot.  The clouds cast their shadows into the air. I assume that there must have been just enough smoke particles in the air from distant fires to create this magical glow.

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