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Land of Mist and Shadow

Land of Mist and Shadow

The Land of Mist and Shadow

Even the most ordinary places can be extraordinary in the right weather and lighting conditions. I took this photo at the 203 Pond near Baker City, Oregon. By day, the 203 Pond is a busy place. It is certainly a favorite summertime fishing hole for the local residents, a swimming hole for kids and dogs and also a nice respite for travelers along I84. But come evening, all the hustle & bustle dies down to a quiet peacefulness, occasionally punctuated by the honking of Canadian Geese who are often the nighttime residents of the pond.

This photo was taken in the wee hours just around sunrise. Often in the Fall, the cool overnight temperatures drop below the water temperature and fog or mist forms. Knowing this, I love to visit the pond early in the morning… it’s one of my favorite sunrise locations.

I had already taken several photos and was preparing to leave just as this scene began to appear. So I rushed to set my camera back up and I was able to capture several shots of this beautiful scene before the show was over. The apparent sunrays are actually the branches of the tree casting shadows onto the rising mist. I tell ya… It’s worth getting up early for! 🙂

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