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April Calendar Photo – Pilcher Creek Barn

Pilcher Creek Barn has withstood the test of time and the elements. Located in Baker Valley, Oregon.

Hello Spring!

Ahhh! Springtime in Eastern Oregon is one of my favorite times of year! Sometimes the changing of the seasons happens quickly but sometimes there seems to be a struggle between Spring and Winter as the weather switches back and forth, from one season to the other. By April 1st, Spring has usually won it’s battle and winter slowly slips away to prepare for its return later in the year. April’s calendar photo is of Pilcher Creek Barn with the Elkhorn Mountains in the background which is located in the Baker Valley in Eastern Oregon.

April’s Calendar Image is of an old barn near Pilcher Creek Reservoir in Baker Valley. I have photographed this old barn many times. Each time I visit, a little bit more of it has collapsed, a little bit more of it has slipped away into memory. Each time I go, I wonder if it will be standing when I get there. It’s hard to imagine it has been able to withstand the elements as long as it has. Each time I visit, it could easily be the last time I will see it standing.

Springtime in Baker Valley is magical. The grass quickly turns green and wildflowers begin to poke out. I love how snow lingers on the mountain peaks, making them seem proud and tall, well into June or even July.

To capture this photo, I positioned myself so the barn stood proudly out in front of the beautiful Elkhorn Mountains. This is what I call a blue/white day, bright blue sky and big puffy clouds, perfect conditions for photography.

This supplemental image below was taken up the road a little further in the same general area as the barn with just a little different angle on the Elkhorn Mountains.

The Elkhorn Mountains in Springtime

Springtime in the Elkhorn Mountains of Baker Valley



Springtime is a beautiful time of year to get outside and enjoy Mother Nature is her time of new growth.

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