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Quiet Reflections at Anthony Lake

Photo of mountain reflections in the partially frozen waters of Anthony Lake

February Calendar Image – Quiet Reflections at Anthony Lake

Happy February 1st Everyone! For this month, I chose an image from one of my favorite places, Anthony Lakes in northeast Oregon.

When I was young, I had a summer job at Anthony Lakes. My task was to paint the interior of the lakeside cabins in preparation for the summer rental season. It was during that beautiful summer that I learned just how quickly the ice melts once the weather begins to warm up.

Ever since that summer job, I’ve previsualized this shot. To capture this image, I was seeking that fleeting moment when the snow and ice are still in the process of melting but not yet completely gone. I knew if I went too soon, I would see nothing but a vast snow-covered lake. On the other hand, I also knew if I went too late, the ice could easily be gone. Once I think the melting process may be imminent, I try to visit the lake every 2 or 3 days to assess the process.

My goal for this image was to capture the reflection of the mountains in the water while ice still covered much of the lake. My scouting trips paid finally off. I managed to time my visit perfectly. The air was perfectly calm, and the water was as smooth as a looking glass. After all these years, I was finally going to get my shot. In addition to the reflection in the water, I wanted to capture a few of the stars too. To do this, I used a long exposure which allowed enough of the starlight to shine through.

The supplemental image was taken on a cold January morning here in Baker Valley. Before sunrise, often the sky will have a warm glow when there are high clouds present. There is a thin layer of ground fog just barely visible in the background.

A photo of leafless trees on a cold winter morning with a warm sunrise in the sky.

Trees await the suns warmth on a frosty winter morning in Baker Valley, Oregon.

In Conclusion…

I thought I might share a behind-the-scenes experience while I was at Anthony Lake. Just as the sun was coming above the horizon, a duck on the other side of the lake began quacking! What?! That was unexpected. Who would have thought a duck would travel to this high mountain lake so early in the season? Surely finding food this time of year would be difficult? But who am I to tell a duck it’s business? Perhaps it was there to witness the beautiful morning, just like me!

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