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Welcome to Oregon Exposures

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Welcome to Oregon Exposures!

My name is Lori Rowland. Oregon Exposures is the culmination of a life long goal. This is the story of how my journey brought me to this place and where I hope the road will lead…

I have always been interested in photography. When I was in college, my father gave me my first camera. It was a trusty Pentax K1000, the typical student camera. It was not fancy or had any whizz-bangy features. In order to get a good photo, you actually had to know the relationship between ISO, aperture & shutter speed. At the time, I was not too impressed, but now I realize that this is the very best way to learn and I am grateful for my father’s foresight.

As the years rolled on, I updated my camera, although I have always stayed with Pentax. I switched from negatives to slides & eventually from slides to digital. Each step of the way provided me with new learning opportunities. I will never profess to know everything there is about photography. I believe that is what I love best, knowing that there is always something new on the horizon to challenge me and something left to learn.

I am at a point in my journey where it’s time to share my love of photography with others. I love meeting other photographers and getting a glimpse of their inspirations. We are all so unique. Each one of us gets our inspirations in different ways and from different subjects. Photography is so versatile. No one approach is right or wrong, it’s unique for every person.

My inspirations come from Mother Nature. I am fortunate to live in the Pacific Northwest, well, Oregon to be exact. I grew up camping, backpacking & skiing in some of the most beautiful county I know. When I walk with Mother Nature, I feel whole, yet deep down inside, I know I’m nothing but a very small piece of a bigger picture.

My goal with this website is to reach out and share with other photographers. You are all on journeys different than my own, yet our journeys intersect. I am willing to share what I have learned with you. In return, I also hope that I can learn something from you. I believe what we share will make us all better photographers in the end.

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